B.C.S. Protection & Security uses a 3rd party booking site to protect not only us but YOU as well by covering all the legalities and liabilities. Just recently, GigSalad has opened its services to outside bookings like this, so expect to see some of our past reviews coming through soon!

GigSalade | BCS Security & Protection

"GigSalad is the marketplace for booking bands, musicians, entertainers, speakers and services for parties, productions, and events of all types and sizes." -GigSalad.com



We have provided security for companies such as Spartan.com (Spartan Race) and many others both for private events like weddings, and graduation parties to business and corporate outings. 



"It can mean the world of a difference when the goals and objectives mean the world to you." We understand this point and that's why we take our time to understand your needs, worries and wants to deliver outstanding service.

Our team consists of full-time law enforcement and military professionals that have been trained to react to high-stress situations with surgical precision and ultimately reduce unnecessary risk and hysteria.

Co-Founder Joseph Balog

Co-Founder: Joseph Balog



Co-Founder - Jeff Sperandeo (Grace)

Co-Founder: Jeff Sperandeo (Grace)



Let us sell ourselves by the wide range of knowledge bases, experience, and skills we have! If you're looking for your "renta-guard" that passed the minimum requirements with the bar already set way too low, move on because we will not offer anything less than what we would expect from a top-tier security & protection company. Unfortunately, many of these guards are ineffectively hired, insufficiently trained, and paid poorly.

"Can't put lipstick on a monkey and call it a football."

We offer a wide range of specialty's and we're confident that our training, experience, and skills entail whatever your objective is.

We Provide special services for event security, personal security, and surveillance. Services offered are catered to your need and objective. We can set up a personal consultation for fitting our services to your needs. 

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Balog Consulting & Security offers approximately 30 years of law enforcement experience; SWAT; Military Combatives; Hapkido; Combat Casualty Care; Professional Communication and De-Escalation Tactics.  


Whatever it is, we keep your needs & safety our top priority.
Large Group Functions; Night Clubs; Corporate Security; VIP Protection; Patrol Services; Asset Protection; Loss Prevention; Armed/Unarmed Escorts.
Our staff consists of hand-picked professionals who have extensive experience and training in this industry. Arrange a consultation with an expert.