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Bcstactical offering a 3-day pistol and carbine course designed to give students not only technical skills but an open and blended environment for learning and enhancing pistol and carbine skills in an extremely short period of time using proven training methods and courses of fire to encourage muscle memory and gross motor skills.

All training and courses of fire are based on realistic scenarios derived from historical data of armed confrontations in comparison to sports shooting.

This course will consist of 2 days of pistol/carbine training and 1 day of live simulated-munition scenarios in a location designed to induce high-stress inoculation for the most realistic experience and training possible.

Day 1 - Basics drills, courses of fire, and group skill level.

Day 2 - Simulated shooting/Simunitions Courses of fire, deadly force decision making and force on force techniques using realistic mixed martial arts techniques (Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

Day 3 - Advanced Courses of Fire, Top Op, and Pistol/Rifle Qualifications.

The course is designed for intermediate to advanced skilled shooters who know and follow the firearm fundamentals, pistol/rifle basic positions, and an OPEN MIND TO LEARN.

Requirements: Rentals may be available, contact instructor immediately to make arrangements

  • Quality handgun (9mm, 40SW, 45ACP) with quality OWB holster with at least 500 rounds of ammunition

  • OWB magazine pouch

  • Eye/Ear Protection

  • Basic cleaning kit

  • Quality rifle with a sling (223, 5.45, 7.62x39) with at least 500 rounds of ammunition

  • Long sleeve, pants, hiking/tac boots and baseball cap

  • Ballistic Vest not required, but highly recommended

Training itinerary:  Skills may be trained through courses of fire simultaneously.

  • Bounding Overwatch

  • Combat Communication

  • Hand to Hand Combat

  • Firing from cover

  • Reacting from vehicle

  • Reacting to malfunctions

  • Basic self & buddy aid

  • Multiple Adversaries

  • Deadly Force decision making

  • Edged Weapons

  • Low Light Engagements

Course cost is $389.99 and limited spots are available due to teacher/student ration. There are no refunds for this course, but you may choose to transfer credit to a future course in case of emergencies. Upon successful course completion, you will receive a certificate of achievement, training aids and materials.

Once registered and as the course nears, pertinent information will be sent to registered students. Please contact with any questions you may have.

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